Chef cooks a meal for little mice!



❤ All you need is love ❤


This is the time of the year, where we celebrate a crazy little thing called love!

All you need is love, all you need is love
Love is all you need

But love is also a curse… You might have heard about this ancient folklore before.
Once upon a time, the little mice were borned with four arms, four legs and a head with two faces. They were living happily with their half, but one day a God jealous of their luck decided to split them in half, condemning them to search for their other half for the rest of their lives.

Elisah would have none of it and decided for Valentine’s day to help the mice find their loved one.

In the garden of roses, come and meet the one that misses you so much.
The goddess Elisah is generous and will guide you by giving you clues! Once you think you have found the one your heart chose, blow them a kiss and let the magic of love flows in you…

What’s new?


The Winter Event!


Hello Everymice!

The moment you’ve been all waiting for has finally arrived… Yes, it’s the Winter Event! The opportunity for all mice to feast, to collect and to make presents.


This year is placed under the sign of generosity. I hope that your bag is empty and that your back is ready to carry heavy loads because we are gonna sink you under a mountain of gifts! By the way… Someone told me that a malicious imp mixed all of your treats! In order to find all the gifts, you will have to collect all the presents, and to trade them to Baba bot in village.

Watch Out! You are in a darknight house but there a sprite in all gifts try to found it!

Speaking of gifts… We have a surprise that will happen during the Winter Event and will stay afterwards!

Happy holidays and have fun!

Reward Time


We all know how tough a mouse life can be: spending a lot of time and energy gathering cheese, competing in crazy races and even surviving to cannon balls… What a life!
This event will be all about relaxing and showing appreciation to other mice for their hard work: It’s gift time at work

After a long and hard working day, close your eyes… And let the dream begin!

Have a mice day, folks!


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